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Welcome to Tribie App!

We made this app to help you in those days when it seems a little more difficult to stick to your goals. Everytime you need a little help, we'll connect you to someone we don't know (we are a secretive app!). and this new friend will help you keep going!

A New Point of View

Sometimes, all we need is someone from outside to show us a new way to understand the situation. So, whenever you need a word of support, just start a new chat and Tribie will connect you to a new friend.

The chat is anonymous and you can always report a user, whenever you feel the talking starts to feel nonsense. We recommend you to do not share any personal information, like real names, address, phone numbers and so on.

You’ll also be able to help anyone who’s searching for a friend’s word. If you don’t want to, you can decline and turn off the option to help others inside your Settings.

So, what do you say?
Let’s begin?

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  • Blaz Robar

    Loving the fact that there's always someone there to help me keep going, only in case I forgot.

  • Pete Finlan

    Funny design. Love my avatar.

  • Doge Finbar

    There's still love in this world.

What's tribie?

There's this famous song that talks about three little animals that can fly, sitting next to a person. They are making harmony sounds to tell a true and pure message (if I can remeber right). The message remembers the singer that every thing, no metter how little or big they are, is gonna turn out ok. And that's Tribie.

Who's gonna talk to me?

We have no idea and that's the fun of it! We believe in that magic that brings up the truth when you first meet someone. When you're not afraid to show who you are, to talk about what you really feel or to be completely honest about everything and anything. And we know that sometimes we've got tired of saying and hearing the same things about the same issues with the same people. How about a new point of view?

Is it dangerous?

You should never share personal information with people you don't know. Keep your privacy and never give your real name, adress, phone number or any information that might connect to you or your family, friends, frienemies, colegues, your dog, bird, school name, where you work, ex's names, gym's name etc etc and so on. Protect yourself, ok? And if anything sounds strange, let us know.

Just one more thing

We would LOVE to get your feedback! Please feel free to contact us at anytime to say anything at all. We made this app so we could get a little help from our friend when we need it. Have you ever heard about that strange theory that talks about how we all see the same stars? That we only have one sky above us? That's it. We're friends already.